Today Was The Most Important Rush Limbaugh Monologue Of All Time…

It would fuel those on the left who want to mis-portray those of us on the right.  And I literally was surprised — and I was wrong to be. I was surprised.  The reason I was surprised was because I figured that, like me, most everybody on the conservative side of the aisle knew liberalism, understood what liberalism is.  I thought after two years of an intense campaign that the people on our side, the people opposing Obama had learned what I had learned about Obama, had learned how truly radical he was. And not just in the Alinsky mold, and not just in the Reverend Wright mold, but I mean literally radical, radical. The most radical leftist Democrat ever elected to the White House and maybe by a long shot.  And I was under the impression that people on our side understood the danger, the real danger to the country.  And even now, after reading a review of Dinesh D’Souza’s book, I was shocked over the weekend.  Barack Obama put Dinesh D’Souza in jail.  All these people out there rip Trump for praising Putin and all this.

Source: I’m Amazed by How Few Understand Obama and the Movement He’s Mobilized – The Rush Limbaugh Show

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