Rules of Engagement


Distributed Security Inc. is the creator and sponsor of the Warrior Capitalists Blog. The folks contributing to Warrior Capitalists include business owners, cops, gun enthusiasts, home schoolers, firearms instructors, retired special forces members and high threat security contractors and operators.

Our objective is to step beyond the Twitter/Facebook paradigm of communicating in hashtags, emoticons, memes and viral videos and offer a longer form of communication that will hopefully invite useful commentary and debate.

Each post here has a comment section. We really want to encourage you to leave comments – we’d rather interact with you here, on our blog, rather than on Facebook or Youtube where we are constantly inundated with ads, spam and bullshit privacy policies. Building a robust comment section takes time, so if you see a post without any comments, jump in and get the conversation started.

This is an open forum where folks are able to express real feelings in real time without the need for grammar teachers, copy editors or politically correct PR flacks filtering the contributions.

We deal with intense topics and at times contributors may post things that they later regret. We encourage full throttle exchanges and in doing so acknowledge that when this happens all contributors have the right to honorably “walk back” a comment.

The postings and comments on Warrior Capitalist by DSI principals are their own, and do not necessarily represent the strategies or opinions of Distributed Security, Inc.

“Full throttle exchanges”  is not a license for uncivilized, rude or boorish behavior. It’s ok to attack plans, logic, rationale or position – but do not attack the man or the woman holding the position. Nor do we tolerate trolls or sock puppets. You’ll simply be banned and your comments deleted.

Spelling doesn’t count. Nor does grammar. If your measure of a man is diminished because he uses a split infinitive then you’ll be happier elsewhere. We encourage contributors to write the way they talk, and since we are all warriors and capitalists, and not english professors, our use of the english language can, and will, be quite tart.

Last and most importantly, while we may passionately disagree with the direction America is taking, nothing, absolutely nothing that we say or post here should be construed as encouraging or supporting illegal actions or activities.