Dogfight In Illinois Legislature Over Criminal Protection Zones

And why do the liberal left continue to block our Rights at every opportunity?  Because the first rule of controlling the populace is to disarm them.  How is this accomplished?  For those who pledge fealty and reverence to their Socialist God – the all providing government – all that is needed is the warm fuzzy feeling bestowed by the thinly veiled lie of keeping the populace safe.  All anyone must do is look back through the history of the world to see this.  Anti’s may roll their eyes, but the fact is our Government is persistent in eroding our Rights in the name of keeping us safe… as if safety trumps everything else.  Safety for us.  Safety for our children.  Safety from terrorists… Safety from gangs… Safety from mass shootings… and on and on.

via Dogfight In Illinois Legislature Over Criminal Protection Zones.

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