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The Alexandria Attack

After the shooting incident by an unhinged socialist in Alexandria, Senator Rand Paul (who was present) thanked the two Capitol Police officers who were there only because the House leadership position of Rep. Scalise merited a security detail.

“Rand said, ‘I can tell you, that I think with absolute certainty, nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill Police. They saved everybody’s life. Incredibly brave and deserve everyone’s praise, because, with this guy, who knows what his — how heavily armed he was, but nobody else had a weapon. So, he was just killing everyone — he would have. … They deserve our gratitude for saving — it would have been a massacre without them.’” (Article)

One has to wonder how long political figures – especially Republicans right now, due to the level of threat-laden hate speech directed at them by “the Resistance” – will continue to move about in public unarmed or without armed security in close proximity.
Clearly, Rep. Scalise was not the only target, but if he (and his Capitol Police detail) had not been present, it’s quite likely that the Senator would have been proven correct, because “no one else had a weapon,” and as always in mass shooting events, first responders cannot simply beam themselves into the scene of an ongoing shooting. They arrive late when minutes stretch into eternity as an unopposed aggressor works his way through his ammo supply and his available targets.

The only difference between people holding public office and the rest of us
is that they are more likely to be specifically targeted,
while for us, it’s more a matter of (your pick) destiny, karma, chance, or poor decision making
that we find ourselves downrange of a shooter.

None of us should be complacent; nor should we imagine that the police will save us within the first deadly minutes of an “active shooter” event. A magazine-fed semiautomatic rifle, like that used in Alexandria, can deliver 50-100 aimed shots in a minute if the shooter is proficient (as this one apparently, and fortunately, was not).
Police arriving three to five minutes after the shooting begins are going to provide little help to a potentially very large number of victims.
Buy a gun. Train. Carry legally. Be prepared to defend yourself and others.


-by Bill Tallen, Executive VP Tactical Operations, Distributed Security Inc.

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