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The Resistance, Part II



We discussed The Resistance and its form in our previous installment and asked the question

“To whom does The Resistance answer?”

Doctrinally, it answers either to the Government In Exile (GIE) (Free Poles/Dutch in WWII.) or the Shadow Government (VietCong). With former President Obama’s continuing interference against President Trump and his administration, beginning with “Russian collusion” and continuing with pronouncements on, and interference in, ongoing programs, we are seeing the rise of a GIE.

Now, strictly speaking, a GIE is a political group which claims to be a country’s or semi-sovereign state’s legitimate government, but is unable to exercise legal power and instead resides in a foreign country. As The Resistance appears to be wholly located within the borders of the US, what we really have here is a rump state, which is the remnant of a once-larger state, left with a reduced territory in the wake of secession, annexation, irredentism, occupation, decolonization, or a successful coup d’état or revolution on part of its former territory. In the latter case, a government stops short of going into exile because it still controls part of its former territory.

Occupation. Coup d’état. These should ring large bells, assuming you haven’t weaned yourself off mainstream media.

Irredentism deserves its own paragraph, when defined as the recovery of territory culturally or historically related to one’s nation but now subject to a foreign government. (“Trump doesn’t represent Americans.” “The Russians.”) These claims are justified on the basis of real or imagined national or ethnic/racial/political group affiliations. It is often a feature of identity politics (Black Lives Matter/gender bending/pick your perversion) and cultural/political geography (Coastal/DC/academic/media elites v. True Americans).

GIE/rump states normally hold land through physical occupation. These days, it may be viewed not only as physical occupation, but also philosophical occupation via electronic means and useful idiots. A couple of helpful maps: The GIE/Resistance (Clinton Archipelago map) may is functionally found in the usual areas as well as scattered Bantustans.*

So now we have it: A full blown communist insurgency raging within our borders.

Leadership (sic): Obama and Clinton.

Guerillas: Antifa, BLM.
Auxiliary: Media, academics, NGOs, leftist think tanks, some of the damned Democrat Party and some Republicans.
Underground: The deep state, The Gang(s) of Eight (Look it up.), foreign money (No, not the Russians.), the rest of the damned Democrats, Republicans in leadership (sic) positions, and some I’m sure I’ve overlooked.

Coming soon: Why we need to stop with counterinsurgency foolishness and immediately begin counterrevolutionary operations.

*The word bantustan, today, is often used in a pejorative sense when describing a country or region that lacks any real legitimacy or power, consists of several unconnected enclaves, and/or emerges from national or international vote buying and fraud.

by Randy Bartlett – VP Tactical Communications, Distributed Security Inc. Randy has over 30 years military and paramilitary experience as a commissioned Infantry officer, non-commissioned officer, and contractor. Randy also served as the lead contract instructor for DOE’s Special Response Force program, developing and teaching urban and close quarter battle techniques to Federal Agents tasked with recovery of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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