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The More You Know: Living With Astigmatism When Using Red Dot, Holographic and Prismatic Optics – The Firearm Blog


Pete at The Firearms Blog has posted a short and well written piece called Living With Astigmatism When Using Red Dot, Holographic and Prismatic Optics.

It’s informative, easy to follow, and provides quality diagrams and photos to help the reader understand the topic at a deeper level.

If you are considering purchasing an optic for your firearm you will want this information before buying so you can understand what you may end up seeing and what you can likely do to fix it if you suffer from astigmatism.

It’s a topic all shooters need to know about whether they suffer from astigmatism or not. Do yourself and your friends a favor, read it and pass it on.

About 15 years ago I sadly boxed up a brand new Red Dot Optic for it’s return to the manufacturer without ever having used it to fire a shot – the reticle was a blurry burst rather than a crisp clear dot. But before I called and asked for a return authorization, I decided to search the Internet looking for answers on the durability of my new glass. And that’s when I found it: my new optic wasn’t the problem, I was.

Source: The Firearm Blog

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