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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally

The noon press conference was called by a group of activists led by Salaam Ismial, co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, and Abdul Muhammad, a longtime Newark anti-violence activist. In a release announcing the event, the two said they planned to ask Mayor Ras Baraka to “unleash his quality of life plan in addressing ongoing violence facing Newark residents.”

Source: Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally (PHOTOS) |

Well-Armed Activists Openly Defy Texas Law to Feed The Homeless

“We are not complying with a bad law today,” Matthew Short, PR director of Don’t Comply said. “Evidently the city of Dallas believes that it’s wrong, or bad, or unlawful for us to feed more than a certain number of people at a time. But, during Christmas, we want to show love to our community and give these people a chance to survive the winter, whether it be with blankets or coats, or just giving them a holiday party like today with all kinds of cookies, and goodies, turkey and dressing, and the whole nine yards.”

Source: Well-Armed Activists Openly Defy Texas Law to Feed The Homeless | The Daily Sheeple

Head’s Up. California Starts No Notice Gun Confiscation On January 1

How does this work? A “friend” or “family member” (read that as angry neighbor or deranged and embittered ex) notifies the cops. The cops then ask a judge for a 21-day “temporary restraining order.” This is important. The people who make the allegation never have to appear in court. They only need to convince the police to go to a judge who is, no way possible, going to refuse the restraining order. At the end of that time, the restraining order can be extended for a year after a hearing. That one year can be repeated indefinitely. Can you give your weapons to a friend or family member for safe keeping? No. The police must hold the weapons for the duration of the restraining order. Oh, yeah, they serve you with a search warrant at the same time so they can “look for firearms.”Practically, this means once you are his with the restraining order you will never own a firearm again for the rest of your life and the ones the police take from you will never be returned. Is any California judge going to lift the restraining order and take the risk that at some later point you may be involved in a shooting of some kind? No.So, do you, the subject of such an action have the right to be notified that such an allegation has been made against you? Do you have to right to contest their application? Can you contest the ability of the state, without anything approaching probably cause, to have you hauled in for “mental evaluation?” (Why is it that totalitarian regimes invariably use the mental health system to deal with dissidents and non-conformists?) Nope.How will you find out? When a SWAT team shows up at your door to take your weapons and cart you off for a mental health evaluation.

Source: Head’s Up. California Starts No Notice Gun Confiscation On January 1 | RedState

CNC ‘Ghost Gunner’ Machine Forges Path for Homemade AR-15 Rifles – Breitbart

Wilson’s gun manufacturing advocacy group Defense Distributed, along with the gun rights group the Second Amendment Foundation… filed a lawsuit against the State Department and several of its officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry. In their complaint, they claim that a State Department agency called the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) violated their first amendment right to free speech by telling Defense Distributed that it couldn’t publish a 3-D printable file for its one-shot plastic pistol known as the Liberator, along with a collection of other printable gun parts, on its website.

Source: CNC ‘Ghost Gunner’ Machine Forges Path for Homemade AR-15 Rifles – Breitbart

Entire US voter registration record (191 million) leaked

“I’m Chris Vickery. I know your phone number, address, date of birth, and more (if you’re registered to vote in the US).

I have recently downloaded voter registration records for 191 million Americans from a leaky database. I believe this is every registered voter in the entire country. To be very clear, this was not a hack.

The mysterious, insecure database is currently configured for public access. No password or other authentication is required at all. Anyone with an internet connection can grab all 300+ gigabytes.

We’re talking about first name, middle name, last name, home address, mailing address, phone number, date of birth, party affiliation, and logs of whether or not you voted in primary/general elections all the way back to 2000. I looked myself up in the Texas table. It’s accurate.

It is not known whether or not ‘high risk professionals’ are included in this database. However, I have looked up several police officers in my city, and their data is indeed present.

I’ve been working with journalists and authorities for over a week to get this database shut down or secured. No luck so far.

Check out the initial coverage here:”

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