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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Shotguns Have ‘Virtually Sold Out’ In Austria, Sales Fuelled By Fear Of Migrant Crisis

An estimated 900,000 privately-owned firearms are held by an Austrian population of just under 8.5 million, but gun dealers are reporting a surge in shotgun sales this year, reports The Daily Mail. Local media puts the accelerating private arms race down to the sheer numbers of migrants and an attendant fear of house break-ins.

Source: Shotguns Have ‘Virtually Sold Out’ In Austria, Sales Fuelled By Fear Of Migrant Crisis

The Myth of Criminal-Justice Racism

The most dangerous misconception about our criminal justice system is that it is pervaded by racial bias. For decades, criminologists have tried to find evidence proving that the overrepresentation of blacks in prison is due to systemic racial inequity. That effort has always come up short. In fact, racial differences in offending account for the disproportionate representation of blacks in prison. A 1994 Justice Department survey of felony cases from the country’s 75 largest urban areas found that blacks actually had a lower chance of prosecution following a felony than whites. Following conviction, blacks were more likely to be sentenced to prison, however, due to their more extensive criminal histories and the gravity of their current offense.

Source: The Myth of Criminal-Justice Racism by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal October 22, 2015

Obama pollster: Voters divided in ‘tribes,’ politics ‘increasingly segregated, tribal’ 

“If we don’t fix this and our politics is going to continue to be even more segregated and more polarized as the demographics of our country continue to change. If we don’t fix for this, I think our future in politics in this country is going to be problematic,” said Belcher, adding, “I think you will see more dysfunction. I think you will see our politics, our legislative bodies come to a complete halt, more so than they already have, if we don’t solve for this problem, if we can’t solve for the tribalism in our politics and be one big tribe and not several separate smaller tribes.”

Source: Obama pollster: Voters divided in ‘tribes,’ politics ‘increasingly segregated, tribal’ | Washington Examiner

Black Child Vandals Terrorize Neighborhood

Neighbors in a historic Southside Fort Worth block say the pranks and antics of children there have turned dangerous.They claim a group of elementary school-aged children are wreaking havoc. They are accused of throwing rocks and onions at cars, taking bikes from front yards, and most recently setting garbage on fire.

Source: Child Vandals Terrorize Southside Neighborhood « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Germans Panic As Muslims March Through City ‘THIS IS OUR FUTURE’ 

“I thought I was the only one who’s in a bad mood because of this.”“None of us want this. We’re all scared.”“What is this? How will this be in 100 years?”“This is not my life. It just shows you how many of them are here already.”“Now there’s another 1.5 million who came this year.”“Every year 2-3 million arrive.”“It’s generally about foreign infiltration.”“Yes, exactly.”“We won’t dress like we do now.”“Here, no! They won’t take anything from me!”“Look, when I walk through the streets of the city, it’s only foreigners!”“There are walking 50 foreigners and I only see one European face.”“Look at the women! They’re all veiled!”“This is our future.”

Source: Germans Panic As Muslims March Through City ‘THIS IS OUR FUTURE’ (VIDEO) – The Gateway Pundit

We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if Russia Cut the Pipeline to the Internet | VICE | United States

It’s sometimes easy to forget (if, in fact, you ever knew) that the information superhighway travels mostly in huge cables buried deep at sea—miles and miles of fiber optic wire that carry on them 95% of our daily communication and $10 trillion (!) worth of global business. If someone were to sever enough of said cables, our tenuous grasp on the modern world would be lost. Electronic banking would be a distant memory, your smartphone would be just a phone, and door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen would descend upon suburban neighborhoods again. In short, life would be hell.

Source: We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if Russia Cut the Pipeline to the Internet | VICE | United States

Populist, Pernicious and Perilous : Germany’s Growing Hate Problem

Even as an image of a Germany taking great pains to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees has bolstered the country’s image abroad, it has also been accompanied by a wave of hatred that cannot be played down. At the center of this second, disturbing narrative is Patriots against the Islamization of the West, or Pegida, a xenophobic grassroots movement that has manifested itself with demonstrations each Monday mostly in Dresden in the east, but also in other parts of Germany. But Pegida is only one part of a much larger problem, as the following feature from the new issue of SPIEGEL illustrates.


Fed Approves First Communist Chinese Takeover of U.S. Bank

 “The increasingly controversial Federal Reserve offered a green light on Wednesday for banks controlled by the Communist Chinese dictatorship to gobble up American financial institutions and enter the U.S. banking market despite national security concerns, sparking warnings among critics about the rapid spread of the brutal regime’s influence within America. Analysts, meanwhile, called the unprecedented approval a ‘landmark step’ for regulators that could have global implications.


Under the U.S. central bank’s decision, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the largest bank in the Communist Party-run country with assets estimated at some $2.5 trillion, will be allowed to become a holding company and acquire the Bank of East Asia in New York. It marks the first time that a Communist Chinese bank — ICBC is more than 70 percent owned by the regime — has been permitted to take over an American bank. All 13 branches of the U.S. institution will be taken over.”

(Via.) The New American: <— Read more here

IRS’ LOIS LERNER SKATES; AN UGLY PRECEDENT IS SET: “IRS officials now know they can go after anyone…

LernerIRS’ LOIS LERNER SKATES; AN UGLY PRECEDENT IS SET: “IRS officials now know they can go after any political opponent they want, ruin them any way they wish, swing an election — as occurred with Lerner’s actions — and get away with it,” Investor’s Business Daily notes:

Source: Instapundit » Blog Archive » IRS’ LOIS LERNER SKATES; AN UGLY PRECEDENT IS SET: “IRS officials now know they can go after any p…