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Because the police is there to protect you. – Gun Free Zone

A bad guy who ignores the law, and people with guns who stop the bad guy… how crazy is that?

According to Google Maps, the section highlighted in the photo is 334.62 feet long, that comes to one cop every 11.1 feet average or 22.2 if they were paired. And still, a drunk or dope dealer or an armed robber or whatever, ignored that there were cops present, ignored that the law kinda frowns on shooting other people and proceeded to unload on 10 human beings for whatever reason.

Source: Gun Free Zone

The 5 Best-Selling Handguns of 2016

Glad to see a Glock made the list, a little disappointed (but not surprised) that some of the others did.

2016 looks like it will be a record year for gun sales. The number of NICS background checks for firearm purchases has risen annually for 18 straight months, hitting 22.2 million at the end of October versus 23.1 million in 2015.

Source: The Motley Fool

Integrally Suppressed 16 .300 Blackout AR Upper [ISU301] – $1,499.00 : Witt Machine


Integrally Suppressed 16″ .300 Blackout AR Upper [ISU301] – $1,499.00

This is the new Integrally Suppressed .300 Blackout AR Upper by Witt Machine. Ready for transfer to your local Class 3 dealer. This is the shortest suppressed .300 Blackout Hog killing machine that you can own with one tax stamp. Lightweight, compact, and quick to maneuver in any situation from hunting to home defense.

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Women propelling gun sales to all-time highs |

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – FBI figures show the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is running more checks than ever before. Nearly 25 million background checks will have been completed by year’s end. By proxy, that means more guns being sold than before and local shops say their sales are getting better every year. A key group driving sales – women. Women are helping propel firearm background checks and gun sales to an all-time high. Steve King, owner of Metro Shooting Supply, says it’s astonishing how fast women are getting locked and loaded. “If I could open a new store it would cater to women and self-defense and it has been growing the past five years,” he said. King says they have shooting lessons everyday and not only are the classes full, but women make up 80 percent of the class. Anita Farmer, a resident of Red Bud, Illinois, recently armed herself and recommends other women do so…

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John Lott’s Website

Gun control advocates don’t seem to realize how gun control laws primarily prevent law-abiding citizens, not criminals from getting guns.  It isn’t just an issue of smuggling guns.  It is also a question of being able to produce them, even machine guns.  Israel can’t stop domestic terrorists from making their own machine guns.

From The Times of Israel: “The homemade or craft-produced rudimentary automatic weapon has been used in the majority of shooting attacks on Israeli civilians and security personnel. It’s not accurate and it has a limited range, but it’s cheap and more than powerful enough to cause mayhem and death — and it’s nearly impossible to prevent its production. . . .”

Source: John Lott’s Website

It’s already too late for gun control to work | Commentary | Dallas News

John Lott nails it again…

It seems obvious: Restrict gun access, and people will be safer. But theory and practice don’t always match. Too often, gun bans or background checks don’t stop criminals and instead disarm law-abiding citizens, particularly poor minorities. This only makes life easier for criminals.

…Since at least 1950, every single one of Europe’s public mass shootings has occurred in a place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In America, there have been only four exceptions to that rule.

Source: Dallas News

Will Donald Trump End The American Unipolar Moment?

The root of this pushback is the concept of multipolarity. In a unipolar model, power and the money is concentrated in the hands of a tiny percentage, producing an imbalance of wellbeing that is the base of common frustration of Western citizens. The success of the multipolar model derives primarily from the ability to choose without without facing unilateral imposition. Whether it is leaving the EU or the victory of a candidate not linked to the political establishment, multipolarity is the most effective way to respect the popular will, a huge difference when compared to unipolarity, where people are left with no alternative. We have been transitioning for nearly a decade into the digital domain, a world where an infinite range of options is available to achieve one’s objectives.


WRONG GUN? Why The Most Popular Gun For Law Enforcement Isn’t a Mistake…

The Los Angeles Times has published an editorial this morning that is sure to cause some uncomfortable conversations (and more than a little denial) in law enforcement agencies around the country: In terms of mechanical design, there are few flaws with Glock pistols. If a law enforcement officer, soldier or citizen does exactly what they …

I respectfully disagree with Bob on this one…

I have been carrying a Glock for a long time, yet over my years of training and deploying with various organizations I have carried and conducted a lot of training with a fair number of guns other than Glocks.

The comment “Agencies that switch away from Glocks to more forgiving designs typically see their negligent discharges decrease” is telling, because it doesn’t say “negligent discharges are eliminated.”

In other words, this appears to be a systematic problem, and even with guns that have safeties – negligent discharges are not eliminated.

Having myself trained a lot of civilians, military, local LEA, and federal agencies, I agree with Bob when he states “It has been proven time and again that no amount of training will eliminate the issue.”

However, while it is true that one can’t eliminate all risk associated with firearms and firearms training (not without jeopardizing the essential qualities and benefits of training), one can take actions to significantly mitigate risk.

Having been in and around the military and professionals of all stripes over the past 30-years (many who use Glock at work and at home), I believe, like many of my counterparts do; that proper training is everything, and the safety on a firearm plays no role in the overall safety of the shooter.

I have learned that it is always best to address the core issue in order to fix the symptom. In this case, the core issue seems to be the trigger finger going onto the trigger with a negligent discharge resulting.

If an organization is seeing negligent discharges in around clearing barrels/cleaning rooms, it says more about their proper loading, unloading, and clearing procedures (training) than it does about whether or not the firearm had a safety on it or not when the negligent discharge occurred.

Similarly, having a negligent discharge (with or without safeties), under duress suggest that that that the training program needs to be evaluated.

Furthermore, while proper training in vital stress resistant gun-handling skills and safety habits (like keeping one’s finger off the trigger until ready to shoot), can be taught and practiced the range; the proper application of those skills under the duress of a lethal force encounter can’t be taught on the range, in a shoot house, or on a video game screen.

To make the training stick, the techniques must not only be tempered with a quality stress inducing Reality Based Training program, the training must be ongoing.

From my experience, it seems this article clearly describes a training issue, and I would be willing to put money on that.

The proper fix is most likely a better training program which integrates RBT at various points in the training. Proper scenarios will gain the student “stress inoculation” and help to keep the fingers off triggers and muzzles oriented safely until they no longer need to be, safeties or not.