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Accelerating polarization, declining trust. 

1462220884841Whites exposed to the racial demographic shift information preferred interactions/settings with their own ethnic group over minority ethnic groups; expressed more negative attitudes toward Latinos, Blacks, and Asian Americans; and expressed more automatic pro-White/anti-minority bias. … These results suggest that rather than ushering in a more tolerant future, the increasing diversity of the nation may instead yield intergroup hostility.That’s the summary of a set of experiments by psychologists at Northwestern University. Their work is supported by abundant evidence across the social sciences, including perhaps most famously a 2007 paper by Robert Putnam showing that increases in ethnic diversity lead to collapses in civic health. Trust among neighbors declines, as does voting, charitable giving, and volunteering.

Source: Donald Trump and the Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy – The Atlantic

Injectable sponges used for first time to stop soldier’s bleeding | Fox News

Brilliant, another useful tool for your blowout kit.

A U.S. military surgical team used an innovative device to staunch the bleeding on a gunshot victim, RevMedx, the company that makes it, recently announced. That marks the first documented occasion that the device has been used in a patient clinically, the company said.

Source: Injectable sponges used for first time to stop soldier’s bleeding | Fox News

Britian Surrenders to ‘EU Army’ Will Now Report To Pro-Islam EU Chief

And the unit will now report to the European Union under the direction of High Representative Federica Mogherini who is famed for claiming “Islam belongs in Europe”.At the time, the 4th Infantry Brigade stated: “Brigade officers visit to the Zakaria Mosque. The officers were introduced to the ritual washing of hands, face and feet by Molana Farook Yunus, the project manager of Kumon Y’All, before entering the prayer room”.

Source: British ‘EU Army’ Unit Prayed At Hardline Islamist Mosque, Will Now Report To Pro-Islam EU Chief

Buy a gun. Get training. San Francisco police chief resigns.

The police brutality and texting scandals in San Francisco reflect a shared mistrust of police among citizens, especially among people of color, due to racial bias. In Los Angeles County, the sheriff’s Chief of Staff Tom Angel recently resigned over racist emails profiling Muslims and racist jokes about Mexicans and African Americans.

Source: San Francisco police chief resigns after fatal shooting of an unarmed black woman – Vox