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Brazil May Make Gun Ownership Easier to Help Reduce Its High Murder Rate

A murder victim at the morgue in the northern Brazilian city of Natal. Brazil has close to 60,000 murders a year, the highest number in the world, according to officials there. Though most victims are shot to death, some lawmakers are pushing to ease gun restrictions, making arguments similar to ones in the U.S.

It is important to keep in mind that most of these deaths are caused by people who ignore laws, and kill their politically disarmed victims with the “illegal” guns.

Like in so many other countries where the honest people are disarmed by the state, the citizens who obey such asinine laws pay the ultimate price for their politicians misguided policies.

This isn’t rocket science folks, reality is what it is, and no person or group can promise you that they will be around for you when you need them the most. Ones life is greatly enhanced once they are able to protect themselves with lethal force if necessary.

Brazilians are far more likely to be shot to death than Americans, a more populous country where there are about 8,000 to 9,000 gun homicides each year.

Still, a group of Brazilian congressmen wants to make guns easier to obtain, modeling their proposal on U.S. legislation.

Right now, Brazil actually has tough gun laws. If you want to own a gun legally these are the requirements:

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shutterstock_231876274.sized-770x415xb“Unauthorized access to a federal facility increases the risk of a security event, such as an active shooter, terrorist attack, or theft of government property, as well as exposure of sensitive and proprietary information,” the IG reported. Even worse, the IG added, is that GSA “does not centrally monitor the management of building badges issued by its staff.”

Source: Instapundit » Blog Archive » ARE MOST FEDERAL BUILDINGS WIDE OPEN TO TERRORIST ATTACKS? It’s hard not to think so, thanks to a hi…

Nationalist Vs. Hard Left Showdown Over Migrants Planned In Dover

An alliance of nationalist groups is planning a demonstration in Dover this weekend, dubbed “Stop the Fakeugees and Gimmigrants”. They will be met by numerous ‘Anti-Fascists’ and ‘Anti-Racist’ groups – hard left protesters with equally, if not more violent histories.The event will be held on Saturday, the same day as the anti-Islamisation group PEGIDA UK walk in Birmingham, and has been organised by the South East Alliance, which describes itself as “ANGRY, WHITE & PROUD”.

Source: Nationalist Vs. Hard Left Showdown Over Migrants Planned In Dover

The Pernicious Myth Of The Oppressed European Muslim

.A former Obama official summed up this pathetic excuse-making for mass murder on Wednesday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “These communities, especially in Brussels . . . are looked down upon because of their religion,” claimed a former deputy assistant secretary of defense, Evelyn Farkas. “The whole mindset in Europe needs to shift in order to give these people equal opportunity, and frankly, respect.”Added Farkas: “These communities do not feel sufficiently respected and accepted within many of these European countries. And even if you have trouble assimilating them, you have to give them equal opportunity to make a living. A lot of these young men didn’t have many opportunities.”This is pure mythology. Farkas and other terrorist apologists need to put down the violins and do some basic research. Fact is, Belgium’s government has been extremely generous toward its Muslim population. Most of its welfare goes to Muslims, and it even subsidizes their mosques and imams.Many of these young Muslim men who supposedly can’t find gainful employment don’t want to work. Why would they, when welfare checks are normally 70% to 80% of their income?

Source: The Pernicious Myth Of The Oppressed European Muslim | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis – IBD

DARPA’s ‘Targeted Neuroplasticity Training’ program aims to accelerate learning ‘beyond normal levels’

DARPA has announced a new program called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) aimed at exploring how to use peripheral nerve stimulation and other methods to enhance learning.

DARPA already has research programs underway to use targeted stimulation of the peripheral nervous system as a substitute for drugs to treat diseases and accelerate healing*, to control advanced prosthetic limbs**, and to restore tactile sensation.

But now DARPA plans to to take an even more ambitious step: It aims to enlist the body’s peripheral nerves to achieve something that has long been considered the brain’s domain alone: facilitating learning — specifically, training in a wide range of cognitive skills.

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French Socialist Minister Warns: ‘There are 100 More Molenbeeks in France’ – Breitbart

France has “at least a hundred neighbourhoods” like the Brussels jihadi hotspot of Molenbeek, a French minister has warned. But while his socialist colleagues have lined up to condemn his statement, National Front politicians have warned that that figure is likely to be an underestimate.

Source: French Socialist Minister Warns: ‘There are 100 More Molenbeeks in France’ – Breitbart

Erik Prince: Because ‘Europe Can’t Deal with Radical Islam,’ Slaughter of Christians Will Continue

Erik Prince, managing director of the Frontier Resource Group, and a former Navy SEAL who helped found the famous Blackwater security contracting firm, appeared on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM to talk about the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East, Africa and, increasingly, in Europe.“Radical Islam is on the march in many places around the world,” Prince warned. “Whether you start in East Africa, in Somalia, Somalia spilling over into Kenya, total chaos in Central  African Republic, the eastern DRC… Nigeria, of course, has a terrible problem with Boko Haram, that literally means ‘Western education is prohibited,’ anything Western, including Christianity.  Of course Libya, terrible failed state.  Egypt, the entire Levant, everything from Lebanon to Syria.  Iraq, of course, the ongoing Christian persecution — genocide — occurring there.”He compared the situation in the Middle East to the Thirty Years War of European history, which had “religious overtones, Catholic versus Protestant, political overtones… and you have that now in the Middle East between Sunni and Shia Islam, radical Islam from both of those sects hates Christianity, hates Judaism, hates any other organized religion, and attacks it without limit.”

Source: Erik Prince: Because ‘Europe Can’t Deal with Radical Islam,’ Slaughter of Christians Will Continue

Why the Controversy Over CCW Technology?

The core concept behind concealed carry is to keep the firearm hidden until it is needed. The means of carry, or how it is concealed is secondary to having it on/near you and readily accessible when it is needed.

Keeping the core concept of concealed carry in the front of ones mind, whatever configuration the firearm is, the carrier is under no obligation to make their own true lethality known to those who may wish them harm.

With the numbers of carriers ever growing, it is only natural that those technologies which will serve to help concealed carriers better conceal their weapons and blend into their surrounding environments – will inevitably and thankfully – proliferate.

In light of the new technology boom, it is only logical that CCW holders find transformer guns such as the herein mentioned “Ideal Conceal” as invaluable alternatives when traditional carries may be less practical due to bulk, discomfort, or otherwise less desirable for whatever reason.

In the end, let the carriers make the decision of when and to what extent they want to gear down, it is their lives on the line and no one should make the decision for them.

The two dominant conversations surrounding Ideal Conceal are pretty polar opposite: glowingly optimistic or severely pessimistic. Some people view Ideal Conceal for its curb appeal of convenient to deploy, easy to conceal, and its level of comfort or basically not requiring a holster. The other mindset is that Ideal Conceal creates a horrifying new concern for law enforcement. All cellphones could now be possible weapons used against our men and women in blue. As if their jobs aren’t difficult enough in the heat of the moment they must now decipher and identify if a small object is a possible threat or just another Samsung cellphone.

Source: The Firearm Blog