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UT campus carry protest to feature sex toys, calls for repeal of the individual right of self-protection

The education system is broken…

Ana López has been storing boxes of sex toys in her parents’ garage in preparation for the protest. (Erika Rich/For American-Statesman)

The activists’ slogan, “#CocksNotGlocks,” riffs on a popular brand of handgun. The activists’ Facebook page includes this observation: “Just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play.”

Source: UT campus carry protest to feature sex toys, calls for repeal |

Group of Men Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Brutally Attack White Victims, Beating One Unconscious:

CRIMEGroup of Men Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Brutally Attack White Victims, Beating One Unconscious: PoliceAug. 23, 2016 9:48am Kate Scanlon0SHARESShare ThisTweet ThisA group of men chanting “Black Lives Matter” allegedly assaulted seven white victims in Akron, Ohio, Sunday, according to WOIO-TV.Image source: WOIO-TVPolice told WOIO that seven white men were assaulted by five black men and two white men. The assailants punched and kicked the victims and threw bottles at them. When one victim fell, the attackers allegedly kicked him repeatedly in the head until he lost consciousness.

Source: Group of Men Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Brutally Attack White Victims, Beating One Unconscious: Police | Video |

New Anti-Gun Movie Shows Women Refusing To Have Sex with Men Until They Give Up Their Firearms

Sounds like more of an unpopular political statement than a movie, it’s what some in the entertainment industry are reduced to making when their perception of is so out of sync with reality that they have to ignore all the facts and reason.

Okay—so I take it that everyone involved in the making of this film forgot that women were responsible for the massive spike in concealed carry permits (they’re obtaining them twice the rate of men), or how they’re the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners. Second Amendment rights aren’t just for white men; they’re for every American. You can certainly choose not to participate, just like how very few Americans exercise their right to a lawful assembly—though that low participation doesn’t mean that’s cause for curtailment or outright repeal.


Gun Controllers Supporting Ban on ‘Fully Semiautomatic’ Firearms

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.24.58 PM

The worst part of it was that the vast majority of the individuals who approached Crowder’s table knew nothing about guns and admitted to not owning or even shooting a gun. Yet they were willing to support sweeping bans based on the guns’ cosmetic features or the false information Crowder was purposely throwing at them to highlight their ignorance.


How millennials want to solve the gun-control debate

Young people are, in fact, the most pro-gun generation in America. For many pundits who see millennials as hippie liberals, this is surprising. Two-thirds of young people have considered owning a gun in the future. Millennials are the least likely generation to support gun bans, with 70 percent of young Americans saying they believe civilians should have the right to own assault weapons, compared with just 51 percent of Americans overall. The millennials consensus is that gun control restricts law-abiding citizens without reducing violence.


Venezuelan Government Further Disarming Citizens By Crushing Guns, Registering Ammo

It’s the same old song and dance from the collectivists: Blame your problems on someone else while you oppress the people.

As starving Venezuelans rush the Colombian border for food, hunt in the streets for cats and dogs, and break into zoos to kill horses for meat, the government continues its crackdown on dissent as socialism in the country fails. Not surprisingly, tyrannical President Nicolas Maduro has been blocking humanitarian aid from coming into the country for months and has been blaming his country’s problems on the United States.

Source: Katie Pavlich

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